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I like emo boys kiss , I like tango, I like cellos and double basses with delicious thick strings. I like red dresses, red wine, long nights, long sight and long nails painted red. Emo Boys Kissing is hot, this isn’t part of the poem. I like elegant dresses, high heels and nylon stockings with wide lace edging. I like well-dressed men, with neat shirts and hats. I like the covers of Frank Sinatra records.
I like plenty of beer and dirty rock music, guys with long hair especially emo boys kissing. I like to watch music videos from the nineties with the roaring men flanells that fold out over a sweaty and devoted audience like emo boys. I like to stand in the middle of the worst crowd of noisy rock concerts, jumping up and down, drenched in sweat, joy and euphoria, at one with the sound, the band, the audience, where everything that exists is the intense music vibrating through everything I am. Kissing boys who are emo.

I like language and literature, grammar, intricate words, ambivalence and wordplay. I like to write. I like thick books that river hold of me, pulling me into him and not let go until long after I’m done reading them. Emo boys kiss, I like the philosophical labyrinth which suggests that the most complex phenomena are also the easiest, because this is something I believe. I like books that play with our perceptions of reality, and movies that do the same. I like the universities and intellectual discourse, kissing emo boys.
I like to observe the little things. I like to see connections, and to believe in them, but not somber or frightening, just playful and harmless. I believe in anything that brings happiness, never evil alerts.
I believe in nonsense and laughter, emo boys kiss and witchcraft. I think you can joke with most things, and that in every joke there is a source of serious.
I like to see a large flock of crows against a deep blue sky on a quiet winter morning. I like the moon that lights up a pitch-black night sky. I like the mountains and the sea, dense forests and open fields, green grass. I like long, hot summers, short dresses and hot winds that caress my legs. Being hot makes me relaxed and happy. I like the tropics, waves, beaches, palm trees and water, to dive into a wave, going barefoot in the water, I like the shade.
I like Emo lentils and beans and all kinds of vegetables. I like the pepper steak with pepper sauce and lots of balls crushed between the teeth. I like smoked fish, fried fish, boiled fish and baked fish. I like to eat. I like dark chocolate and fresh fruit juices. I like childish candy full of e-material, I like lemonade powder. Emo boys kissing I like hot tea, sparkling water and apfelschorle.
I like people, articulate people, smart people, funny people, friendly people, people who do not take so much space. I like being with people, communicating, laughing, exchanging ideas. I like internal humor. I like honest people, compassionate people, sarcastic people, diplomatic people, guitar-playing people, book reader people, shy people, people who smile. In fact, I love people.
And I like being alone. And emo boys a lot who do emo things like kiss.





music genre that originated in the 1980s hardcore punk groups and which has since evolved into a lifestyle. Emo is short for “emotional” and characterizes the hard rock music that appeals to the emotions. As identity and lifestyle occurred emo in environments around some emo bands that broke through around 2000, for example. Jimmy Eat World and Norwegian J.R. Ewing. Famous American groups that My Chemical Romance and German Tokio Hotel has been linked to emo culture, even if they themselves do not identify with it. But their fans often live an emo lifestyle, inspired by GOTH-culture, which means a gloomy appearance, black clothes, black hair and black makeup. As sociological PHENOMENA considered emo today as a subculture, and the people in these communities, often in their teens, are often identified on the outskirts of society. As a phenomenon represents emo taking away from some of society’s norms, such as conformity and career ambitions.