Because Every Time I Do Something I end Up Kissing An Emo Boy I Like!

I got my emo boy kiss hamster, and in the car on the way home I wondered what on earth it was I had just bought. I was kissing the emo boy and was also somewhat unsure if I ever got to keep it dry after a few harsh encounters with rodents, a few years back. But the hamster proved to be very kind and very sweet.

I think the name is Beyonce, for it is brown and has a bit wide butt, and has not told me yet what it was originally called. so I was kissing the emo boy and was kissing an emo boy for now it is called Beyonce.

And when we’re on Beyonce, check out this amazing song that goes on repeat here at home. I simply love it. The wonderful voice accompanied the music of the smårolige damn beyonce song. Absolutely beautiful :)

Women have many benefits as men do not have. Things that can make even the most hardcore testo lump-green with envy. We girls have such period, a blood festive tribute to the world’s fertility, once a month.

Instead of a protruding pee found, we have a wee inward looking like a sort of cavity in the body, allowing for example gynecological examinations going on inside your body, while the doctor has an unobstructed view of both the asshole and all. Lying in an outrageously uncomfortable position in too bright light, even a very close girlfriend had seen me in.
So thanks for stopping by my over-honest corner today, and do not forget to book an appointment for GU too. Annual service is important! : P Thank you for stopping by, hope I’m not scared the hell out of you, and see you soon :)
First nights in hotels alone was not boring and lonely, but very refreshing. After shopping and drinking beer all morning with friends, so it was nice to retreat to your hotel room, where I could sit in my big cuddly clothes, barefoot in bed while I småsang bit and ate candy.

It was so nice weather, so I was kissing the emo boy and was kissing an emo boy when I was going to rob the nearest Deli De Luca in the evening, I had to sit down somewhere and just “know” on the air. It was kissing the emo boy and was completely dark, yet warm, the air smelled of wet, new asphalt, lilacs and trees, smoke .. Yes I sat long with his eyes again and just smelled.

I bought so much food at the Deli De Luca that the man at the checkout so a bit forfær out. A full cup of chop suey and rice, a cup of fried noodles, a piece oreokake, a frozen coffee, a smoothie, two chocolate bars and soft drinks were on the menu for my emo boy kiss supper. “If ALL is heated?” Asked the man behind the till with some hesitation. “Yes of course!” I say firmly, and looking at him as if it is he who is a bit strange.

Back at the hotel I stacked all around me in bed, and eats like a maniac while I watch TV. Deli De Luca food I eat with chopsticks (but it goes to the fork of the emergency), simply because it’s fun, so stick / food-jib was the closest to the room. After a dining feast beyond compare, so I was kissing an emo boy I have to pack away the cups, and then to my great surprise that the cups had leaked sauce while I had eaten. More light brown sauce stains smiled at me from the sheet. my emo boy kiss first thought was kissing the emo boy and was that “now comes the washing lady to believe that I have driti me out.” I set to wondering if I should tear laknene, but thought that it was not really to do great usefulness, and was also planning that I would put the cups back in bed the next day, as they had been while I was kissing the emo boy and was eating them .


When I went to sleep, I lay down with her head almost out of the window to smell the most of all the good city smells. I put the window wide open, and lay and smelled and smelled. It was incredible. One can get tired too much fresh air and mountain air! The rest was kissing the emo boy and was the first thing I saw when I woke in the morning, as I rubbed his head right into the open window which was good, just above where I lay with my head.