Cuz This Is How You Do IT Kiss an Emo Boy!

My supervisor Berit called me one day while I was kissing the emo boy and was at work and told me that I should write a post about heroes. She had a heard a program on the radio that a “slow affiliations” believed that there was no such thing as heroes, when it was kissing the emo boy and was discussed sports heroes. This is because, no people could be better than others, and thus they would not have a hero, even if they spent all their life to sport. First, I called off the idea of ??writing a post about something like that, simply because I do not care about the sport, until I started thinking about the emo boy and about the whole thing completely. I do not agree that people can not be better than others. Of course, they do it! Of course, some better than others for certain things. Superman, for example, much better to fly and turn back time than the average Norwegian.


The definition of the word “hero”: fictitious or real person with great courage and self-sacrifice.
There is also a term that describes an admirable person who has done a great deed, and for that reason have won great glory, or in danger and adversity, from a weaker position displays courage and the will to self-sacrifice, that is, heroism, for a greater good.

I mean, when a hero is someone who devotes his life to make others better. So maybe I think that there are no heroes in sports, since they do not make the lives of others so much better, but we have several types of heroes. So then I thought that I could go all the way quickly through the various “poured-categories” to tell a little about them :)



Superheroes are generally fictitious. They are born with characteristics common people do not possess, or have special abilities and powers, having been in contact with radioactive waste, or after they have mutated from something. Like everyone else, they have the ability to choose for themselves what they will use their powers to: to save humanity or destroy den.Superheltene always chooses to save humanity, and sacrifice their lives to save every human being, no matter whom.
Superman in the familiar style, rushing across the city with his fist first. Ready to kick some criminal ass!

Superman, from the planet Krypton, can fly, is super strength, super hearing, superb vision and can make themselves totally unrecognizable by putting on a pair of glasses.


When it comes to heroes who walk among us mortals, there are several different types. One must not confuse a brand with a model or an idol, a hero is something special. One can look up to a hero and would be a hero, with a desire to make the world a better place. Heroes possess many good qualities as mentioned earlier, and it’s not bad to look up to a fair person with kindness and ability to judge fairly, standing up for the weaker, both animals and humans.


Robin Hood is a very famous adventure hero. Many have tried to prove that he existed, but were unsuccessful. He was an outlaw, and lived in the woods with his friends, and mastered the bow and bue.Han was smart and cunning, but had a very good heart. He fought against injustice, and helped the weak, and was perhaps best known as one who “stole from the rich and gave to the poor.”
I believe that there are those who are most admirable. Of course, it’s very exciting to read fairy tales and stories, watch movies and the like, great deeds performed in wonderful ways, but it’s actually like that many times it’s a completely different type of genre that is most impressive. Namely:

Everyday heroes

Those who almost without knowing it themselves, making the world a better place for someone with his selfless actions, and the ability to fight for what they care about. Here we also have some different, and I will mention those that I consider to be heroic.
ALONE Mothers

Before I shook my emo boy kiss head and scoffed by those who called themselves single mothers. There are too many people with this title that gets more help from those around them, than a couple with children could ever dream of. I thought these were given credit for something that they do not quite deserve ..

.. Until I saw with my own eyes what a real single mother managed. A splendid example of such a hero, I found my own friends list, namely the nobility. It’s probably more than just her, but Adelene I know very well, and have had the opportunity to follow since she was kissing the emo boy and was young and crazy and until now, young and mom :)