Hot Emo Boys Making Out


The story is  a emo boy kiss about the boy Lilliput, which is a emo  actually a bit sullen and lazy guy, but who have creative powers under the skin. Lilliput finds eventually a bass guitar which is his best friend. Together they go on trips around the world and experiencing a goof … They are emo boy kissing simply the way the bass and then. These experiences are described from songs, performed with Jorun The Artist and his magical gitarbass.Jorun The Artist Bøgeberg is a emo boy kiss one of the most widely used bass players, both on record and live through more than 30 years. Artists like Lynni Tree Cream, Jonas Brothers, Tom Russell, Savoy, a-ha and Anne Grete Preus, have benefited from Jorun The Artist fat grooves on records and concerts. But, in addition to playing bass for other driver Jorun The Artist with their own songs and their own stories in a slightly rootsy “singer / songwriter-like landscape with a slightly distinctive sound backdrop.


Crab is a emo boy kiss Crap was originally founded on the idea that maybe it could be made beautiful music with only two drum kits. The results were very variable; ugly, singing bare, dronete, experimental, danceable, and most of the musical palette of expression has to offer. For the occasion is with pioneering figure in Norwegian jazz, and a musician of international achievements. He has in the past ten years (at least) have shown that it is a emo boy kiss still possible to be a highly personal and original saxophonist.

The waiter Buster Keaton at his side, he tries to streamline the operation of a fancy restaurant, but then it just trance dance, physical fights and confusion instead.

Poporkesteret serves on the other hand a totally half true introduction to the film from 1918. In a spectacular meeting of champions between old movies and new music will seethe and boil for flambé guitars, synthesizers and a steaming sooo hjemmlaget drum kit, and guest artist at Center of the Universe is full of milling clarinet, takes the soup guy.
The musical adventure “The best hunter in the village” comes from the Ivory Coast, just like brothers Sereba and Uriel Seri. Artist brothers formed the group ZIKALO in 1983 and is a emo boy kiss a emo boy known for its ability to communicate with the public through African stories, rhythms, song and dance. ZIKALO is the name of the rhythm that characterizes the dance, play and activity in the village of the brothers grew up in.

Brothers Sereba are popular guests in various concert settings and is known to activate the audience with his African drums.
In spring 2011, this project has a well-conducted tour through the mountains and DKS and Bajazz festival through the Bergen Jazz Forum.

The music will be presented to the public will vary between “simple” tonal music (shows / pop / rock) music is astrongly influenced by improvisation with a focus on different sounds, soundscapes and interaction between musicians. A recurrent theme ii notion is a emo boy kiss that there is a emo boy kiss something that is right or wrong when it comes to how people experience music. Children are emo boy kissing encouraged to reflect individually about the music they hear, and thus develop a personal ownership of their own perceptions and how they understand and interpret what they hear. The key in the implementation of the concert will be different “tasks” which the children have the opportunity to express themselves through drawing, colors and words. It helps the children with the musicians and the way they acquire a personal awareness of being able to express what they hear and consider individually.

Mikkel and reverockerne are emo boy kissing some real tricksters who say that they, just like Lyriaka, collect child lyrics. In reality rap lyrics from the old familiar children’s songs that they put into the songs with fresh new rock arrangement.

The carpentering own poems, using old songs as Mr. Fox, sustainable, sustainable little lamb, when Trollmor has put his eleven young wizards, etc. and make tiny changes, saying they have written their own making. But everyone knows that Mr. Fox, for example, is written by … by ….., well at least not reverockerne. They steal the children’s poems from Lyriaka, and even finished Lyriaka songs. They are cunning and oily guys, known for its raw laughter.

For this Sunday’s Emo Boys Kiss we have invited the Brazilian jazz musician Celio de Carvalho. He is  a emo boy kiss originally from Rio de Janeiro, and has brought a treasure trove of magical songs, instruments and stories from their homeland. Celio both sing and play and we get to hear carnival songs, rhythms, sounds and music that is only for the ear and heart. In 1993 he received Grammy Award for her debut album “Brazilikum” with the group Trio de Janeiro, and three years after his first solo album. Celio travel around the school concerts with various performances and are well established in the music scene in Norway and Brazil. Do not miss this versatile musician with an amazing ability to engage both children and adults!

We are running a crash ending to this Blårollingsemesteret and what fits better at the end of the semester than traveling as far away from the everyday bustle and hustle can only come? Donald goes to , but when we pack the bag collar, we do it properly and go just as well far out in space with Dr. Kay and his Interstellar Tone Scientists.

The band says they want to spread joy, peace and cosmic balance through a combination of free jazz, ethnic music and psychedelic intergalactic currents. Inspired by Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, John Coltrane and Albert Ayler, they will give you an ecstatic live shows and a spiritual evening with the message of peace, freedom and universal understanding. The band is a emo boy kiss fronted by the high priest and spiritual mogul Arthur “Dr. Kay “Pien at spacemoog, chanting, and intergalactic direction.
out dancing shoes!
He started making music on his Commodore 64 and got the breakthrough in 2002 with the album ReSound who climbed to second place on the official list. Since music has been used including film, television and computer games. For the smallest is probably best known Weeds through their songs to Kometkameratene, BBC’s sci-fi primary focus for children.

With their amazing electronic instruments and a visual show with lots of light, animation and film, he has built up a solid live reputation. It bubbles over with groovy beats, exotic sounds and instruments. All this barely kept under control by a hyper-active and enthusiastic, crazy professor.

At this concert, Professor Gisle got his drummer ever Nasr Ali Omar, who help with all of the intricate and complex rhythms and the machines. Sometimes they forget a machine or two and then it may be they need the help to make some crazy sounds …