Hot Emo Boys

hot emo boy Hey. I am a hot emo boy of 18 who have a big problem that characterizes much of my daily life

I struggle with incredibly heavy obsessions if I could be transsexual. I’ve gone with these thoughts for far too long, and why it is that I am really afraid to possibly be. the fear leads to that I also try to push this a little under the carpet to put it that way, but it causes the other hand, that I go and think about it every single day. this is incredibly heavy, and I must do something about it. but do not know who I should contact in case. has something to psychologist and mentioned this, but never mentioned that there is a serious problem for me as I have great difficulty in getting rid of.

If we leave out some arguments for and against if I can be trans: if we start with courage. I have quite hot emo boyish interests like video games and rock music. has always hung with the hot emo boys and always really enjoyed it, and the strange in this context is that I can actually remember being afraid to change sex or lose my genitals like a hot emo boy. and I say much as I can not somehow imagine that a typical hot emo boy says. But if we think about whether I can be trans, this is the pros: I’m struggling to figure out what I feel like inside. this is natural or the result of having gone with these obsessions as long as I have done, then the big question. but still, I honestly do not know. I’ve never been very tough and independent, has always been like him in the background. this is when some of the things, struggling to name everything here and now.

but I MUST do something about this because I am a hot emo boy, I can no longer have to go with these thoughts all the time. But fear is also very high for what may be hiding on the other side of the “door”. you know of someone I contact to find this out?
It can be both tiring and desperate to go and be afraid of their own sense perceptions, the way you describe here. To me it sounds like you have been so used to distract and divert yourself from what you feel inside you that you have problems with being able to feel what it really is you feel like. Getting one does not advance in their personal development, I support you fully in your decision to do something about this. Good writing in here, so I can show you how you can get past the first threshold in this exploration of how your emotions work in this area.

Once one has become accustomed to run away from all thoughts and feelings in some way about sex, then it becomes almost impossible to figure out what is the difference between “what is” and “how to’s”. The first is how to identify himself as a hot emo boy in his thought world. The second is about how the body’s emotional reactions automatically turns on and off in the face of different types of stimuli.

Now that you have arrived at an age (20 ± 2 years) where it is common for everyone to be very concerned with such questions of identity (who am I?), It is no wonder that this problem is so urgent Imagine that it is impossible not to explore it. It’s good that you are with this now get some syvmilssteg advance in your self-development when it comes to these issues that arouse so much fear in you. Through the exploration of feelings and thoughts you can find a safer and more orderly life.

You are afraid that you will find that you have a gender identity disorder. If there ever since early childhood (preferably while still goes to kindergarten) has arisen a strong and persistent identification with the opposite sex than the biological one is born with, and you have big problems with this (unpleasant thoughts that one is born with the “wrong body” and reluctance to go into the gender roles to match the biological sex of a person is born with), it qualifies for the diagnosis of “F64.2 Gender identity disorder of childhood.” Really like hot emo boys

From what little I’ve read about you here, I set my doubts that you have it. Then I would have expected more childhood stories that you were the one who used to identify with the princess in the fairy tale, and that went naturally into the game to the other girls in kindergarten. But what you describe for me here, might as well be interpreted as a fear of not being “enough hot emo boy” (their own and others’ eyes).

One way to get a little further in the exploration of these questions is to try to distinguish more clearly between:
- Gender identity (Am I a hot emo boy or a girl?) And
- Sexual Attraction (Who in the class and on the bus evokes the strongest appetite for sex).

These two things have nothing to do with each, but it’s easy to mix together when you fumble in the dark for an overview of what one really feels like.

My suggestion is that you first try to focus on your own sexuality and how it automatically orients itself. Explore your ignition, your “likes and dislike”, your loves, your favorite porn, etc.

When it comes to your sexual identity of a hot emo boy, try to go back in the old photo albums and look for the old record of how you appeared as a child.

A third thing I would recommend you is to not sit alone with this pondering. Call For phone. The tel: 81000277 and is open Sunday – Friday 1800-2200. There you can remain anonymous and get advice that is tailored to your situation. Check a hot emo boy for good things like a good hot emo boy should.
There is also a link with good information about transsexualism.
Hope this helped you to get to know yourself and your inherent characteristics.

Good luck!
Greeting psychologist