The Zen Of Emo Boys Kiss


“If you’re going to have to ask what emo boys kiss is all about, you never know.”

“The more you know, the less you understand”

“Nothing is in itself good or evil, just the thought makes it so.”

“The only Zen you find on top of the mountain, the Zen you bring up there.”

“It is impossible to find out why someone who snores can not hear himself snore.”

“It is impossible to find a needle in a haystack … if the needle has an eye for you”

“We think in wholes, but we live in details”

“Nothing worth owning, except that which easily can be shared.”

“We are more curious about the emo boy and about what dreams mean than the things we see in the waking state.”


She had children at a young age, and in addition to being a wonderful mother, she has managed to keep on working and studying. Such people deserves respect! For my emo boy kiss own part, this seems impossible. I had not been able to have such good practices on youth and myself, in addition to job and studies, without having four servants around me constantly as a kid could run to and from daycare, home cleaned, washed me or the baby, made all I could not or did do, and at all had it to go around. Unimaginable.

This leads me to believe that people who Adelene is equipped with super powers, because I just do not understand how anyone can do it. I for example, had problems in dealing with work and studies in addition to fit quite well in myself, which I otherwise could not, so I was kissing an emo boy how she manages it in addition to making such a good job to nurture another human being is for me a mystery. The kid is otherwise just as amazing as her mother, and Adelene says herself that she would not have exchanged this life for anything else. A true hero, who I really look up to <3
A hero who takes care of the slightly weaker standing of individuals in society. Namely animals.

Here I was kissing the emo boy and was also lucky enough to know just one way, namely, Chinese, and I think what she does is great, pure and simple. To take the animals to give the a better life, self-sacrifice is the highest for me. The Chinese believe that animals are just as worthy as human beings, and she can not see animals being treated unfairly, and I think actually in many cases the animals are better than humans, simply because they love you, whatever you do, and there are no harm in them. Many people think that they were involved more in animal rights, or taking care of animals that need it, but unfortunately it is often just a thought. But to see people perform heroic acts to give the animals a better life, is amazing. Although she may not get the exposure she deserves for something like the people on the street, showing at least the animals their eternal gratitude every day for her. A really expensive right <3




Perhaps the kind of heroes that are not mentioned so often? I see all my friends as heroes. For when you need it, they set up at your door as the cleanest super man, and helps you when you need it most. When it does not matter what they’re doing, and release everything they have in their hands as soon as they realize that one of their friends are in trouble. This is high-level properties. In the film world calling them with a light in the sky, or they know that danger is afoot with “spider-sense” her, while in reality they are a text message away. Sometimes they know only that something is wrong and will contact you almost before you realize that something is wrong even. All my friends are tougher than the x-men, Spiderman, Batman and Superman together. Super Heroes <3

Slipper hero is a person who is normally tough and rugged, yet close to their partner will be as soft as velvet. This example is my emo boy kiss good friend Bjorn, which I otherwise never have seen as a big fan of animals for example. Until he got the lady with just a lot of dogs, and presto, profile picture of him on facebook is not only him but also a couple of dogs to the woman. So cute :)
Must be able to fly to have X-ray vision to help to save the world?
What do you mean the word “hero”?

This post felt somewhat unfinished, but since I am in the hormonal imbalance, I’m just going to post this post so I get it out of the world, for this time :) see you soon dear reader :)



I had some trouble not to reveal absolutely everything I had seen of uninteresting movies on youtube, a little too much info about what I put in the importance of bakgrunnstromming in a song, and the deep underlying meanings in Swedish lyrics, which does not make sense for some Other than myself, and an awful lot of other things a normal human being would look at that mind shift babble from a crazy sukkergnom.

Finally I had to stare intensely and monotonous forward on the road while I bit my lip, to clear focus on what I was kissing the emo boy and was doing. Namely, drive a car. It may be a little too much “mills” for those who associate me, when I take such a form.

When I got home, I tore off my clothes and lay down to sleep, and I am sure that before his head hit the pillow, I was upright again, fully dressed, and walk into the kitchen for cooking all the food I came across while I talked and talked.

I would then once again focus on adding me, but ended up knowing my emo boy kiss own resting heart rate that was approximately 180, while it felt like my eyes were two rĂ¥store outboard motors to a racing boat was kissing the emo boy and was idling, so that all my head just vibrated.

You’d think it was very easy to fall asleep in such a state, but again there’s not, at least not when you can think 400 thoughts at once, and all are equally unimportant. Some thoughts makes me giggle and laugh to myself while I pinch back my emo boy kiss eyes to sleep, while other thoughts remind me of things I did not know that I even had forgotten even before they were intended. I soon found out that the energy you get out of a triple espresso is very little constructive. When you can not put a single one of all the thoughts in your head into something you can actually do something, but rather are left to shake and levitate 15 inches above the mattress, it feels quite a waste to have enough energy in the body to supply Australia with electricity for 42 hours.

Such moments, I wonder how truly evil devil who decided to sell it to anyone over the counter at a normal Statoil station. And I wonder why, why does not the responsibility and warned me. The thought “what an idiot drink triple espresso at eleven o’clock at night?” came and went between thirty and forty times in my head before I finally did fall asleep to the lull the sound of my own heart that sounded like the wing-beating of a hummingbird.

I would like micro ring hair, it should be pretty easy to fix, plus it does not damage your own hair. Simply explained, it is a small metal ring that you pull a small shred of your own hair inside, and clips together, then held it for about 3 months and up. When to have it loose, you just squeeze the ring again so that it opens. Smart, huh?

Then do not have to melt the specified and the eternally long board to get the mounts when you want your hair. so I was kissing an emo boy this I look forward to putting on! Her hair was kissing the emo boy and was really long and really nice. I ordered it in the blonde, because I’m really a sucker for blonde hair, but I wonder if I should color it in the hair color I
In addition to hair, I got a couple of cool sunglasses and fake eyelashes with diamonds! Now I just Dolle me up good, to go out on the town! Too bad it’s Sunday! The sunglasses were really nice and I really needed it, as I rolled over my emo boy kiss sunglasses at Easter and bent them beyond recognition. It costs to be goofy!

Check it morranstrynet :) haha, so it is when you can not wait to show what has been achieved. And if you wonder why I always take my photo in a mirror, it is because I think the kid is hopeless match to take a picture of himself with! Even with the “shoot yourself” feature!
Your salon has so much cool stuff ill, that extension, bags, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. The package arrived quickly, and they are also happy to put on your hair you buy. Then it just barely better?

Now I just have to decide whether it will be blonde again, or if I color extensions before I put them on. I should probably order me a package, so I was kissing an emo boy I have 200 parties, so that it will look thin out. Pictures come anyway! While you wait you can always drop by the web lounge and get long hair for the summer too
And wondering what the sexy outfit I had chosen for this Sunday, the key word sweatpants. so I was kissing an emo boy HAWT!
We think you should be young forever, until the sudden coming. When you wake up and realize that you have grown older. Much older than you thought. I felt old as 16, and was kissing the emo boy and was sure that my emo boy kiss biological clock was ticking back then. I realize now that I had no idea what I’m talking about.

I began to sense a suspicion that I was a little older on the day I almost would not get out of an armchair at home in my dad’s living room I used to sit in, since … forever! A chair to curled up in, so it looked like a little bundle. One day there was a pain to hell to get out from this position. Everything felt stiff, my emo boy kiss knees would not bend, and back were sore. I did not think much of it, because I’m so I was kissing the emo boy and was kissing an emo boy young at heart. I thought.

I started to play him to some model rather unserious plan for maybe a year ago. When I was 25, and I know that I am too old to get anywhere with it, but think it is fun to play with.