Totally Heart Emo Boys And Girls Here We Go Woah!

On Thursday I took a bottle of whiskey to my emo boy kiss good veninne Berit, and thought the fool in her bottle, and get away with a few glasses of yourself, as whiskey is something bad. She has apparently been tried fooled before, no matter how much I insisted, she refused to refill his glass, before I had finished up my. And she was clearly more tempered than me, for it was not long before I lost a lot of focus, and I felt slightly dizzy, as she ran around and washed and controlled, gestured and awning about the emo boy and about things, without being anything of the drunk man the horrible liquid in the glasses. At one point she pulled me into an old barn, and told tall and wide about the emo boy and about the emo boy and about life in the barn for x number of years ago. so I was kissing the emo boy and was  through an electrical fence, and straight away for 4-5 horses. I’m actually terrified horse, but whiskey made me to be completely cowboy, so I patted horse backs as if it were large piano. If you can imagine how the piano player play piano when they exaggerate properly. That I looked atmed horses. One horse looked a bit like Batman, because it had a kind of costume wearing. In front of the eyes had a gray mask, and I was the only one who thought it was kissing the emo boy and was a bit strange, which also made me believe I was the one who had been worst of whiskey drunk man. The horse was apparently on this horse batman suit because it could not stand the mosquitoes.

I also see a horse tisselur, which was an awesome experience, and when I moonwalket behind some girls who were there, so I was not an involuntary participant of a salacious Mexico-based animal porn experience.

Friday I drank a few beers and ended up devouring half dried. When I woke up on Friday, I felt that I was completely dried infested. Dried fish smell the hell, and does not taste exactly better, but the beer had fortunately anesthetized both taste senses and my emo boy kiss brain. I almost did not dare rape on Friday, fearing that someone would think I had a bad hadt lesbian experience during the night.

Saturday my mom asked me to come to Alta to drink a few glasses of wine with her and a friend of her, and then go out on the town. I thanked nicely indeed, and threw me on the bottle. To hear adults talk about partying are always just strange. It is thought many times that parents stop doing things the day they become parents, but that’s not at all. They are just really good to not talk about the emo boy and about stuff with their kids. Fantastic feature!

When we came out, I was simply amazed at the men’s poor attempt to check up. What happened to the world?

The first thing that happened was kissing the emo boy and was that two middle-aged men, and a man in denial about how old he was and as great a denial of his body, sat down. One man was nice, and talked a bit with my  mom and me, while this man who clearly had a mental shirt he did not quite fit, it seemed as if he had taken too much cocaine for what was good for his welfare ease. His miserable attempt to check up, was kissing the emo boy and was to speak ill in a way that we heard him, yet he tried to get the names and such, only without looking at us long. Hard to explain, but this guy seemed so incredible bully that I got totally creeps. So when I saw some familiar faces, I jumped up and went to talk to them a long time. Then this klysa and it was possible to enjoy mom’s company again. A little while at least. Until another middle-aged man came with, if possible, worse check tricks. He looked me straight in the eye and said “I see your childhood. I see who YOU ??are.” I nodded in such a way that he could see that he already had destroyed the first impression the total. “You’re sure of yourself,” he continues. I replied, “Do you want me to be impressed? You draw quite a pretty general thing here, since 90% of all women are unsure of themselves.” He continued with a kind småpsykotisk dr.Phil program that did that I got the little twinkle in my head of how I happened to look out while I was sliced ??

Fortunately it’s not just these people in Alta, and I have many great friends in the small town, and put me on just such evening. I and the Chinese went from bar to bar and chatted with people, and finally set we danced as we sat on the city scene. Who says you have to get to dance? With those shoes I tend to take on me when I go out, I look more like Carlton from Fresh prince of bel air when I dance, rather than a sexy Alberta, so I was to sit as much as possible and instead just look as a fitting Carlton from fresh prince of bel air when I dance. One who was  sitting next to us said suddenly silent “for an extremely energy level it is on you” and then I had to take me a grin, or laugh as they say.

Sunday went to bite nails and shaking on the couch, such as nerve wreck makes for too much alcohol. So now it is time for the next time!
I bought a dress at Trine, which she had bought, which I rudely enough just took over a sum of money, because it was simply beautiful and of course pink, and tried to make my mom take a picture of me in order to add the blog, but Mom and touch my emo boy kiss phone was a major failure of combination, so it was the same old image in the mirror, which all seem so I was cool. In the old days I remember that we used the self-timer on something we called digital cameras, but it is just a few mobile phones that can stand on edge these days.

Here I try for the first time to run a large motorcycle, and it could have gone wrong in so many ways. When I run the quad my, I feel very safe because it has after all four wheels, and is dødskul to run, but did I just downloaded, and the turning radius was so bad, that I miscalculated a bit when I was svingeog stuff, and ended many times out on the gravel, rather than asphalt, and all felt a little scary. Do not think I could have had such a large motorcycle. Not until I get higher, and as I have not grown much over the past 13 years, so I was an emo boy I doubt that I sometimes come to topple 170cm.