Video Of Emo Boys Kissing….Rated PG for All Ages OK MAN!

Since I have spent the summer at keeping me up to work a little, so I was kissing an emo boy it has not done anything to me that there has only been really shitty weather. It rains all the time and dream tan seemed quite unattainable, until the sun started in the attic, without setting fire to the fuse box and the attic. Amazing.

I also try to go down to my emo boy kiss ideal weight, and the last six months been drinking so much soda dentist has almost broken out in intense break-dancing every time I open a new bottle. So I tried confer with my personal trainer PK, about what I should do to manage exercise and lose weight. First he said that I had to cut out all soda drinking. Then I turned me completely wrong, and had a kind of hyperactive snake dance / monkey-like behavior, while I screamed and shouted “NEEEI” waving his arms. A little big in my eyes, he said calmly, “You can certainly cut down from 1.5 liters a day for a pint per day.” After some thinking, I said that it was kissing the emo boy and was okay, until he said “Maybe you then manage to stop drinking soda entirely with eventually.” Again I got the monkey-hyperactive-click movement, while I rolled spasmisk back and forth and shouted “NEEEI NEEEI nooo!” To PK again said, “Ok, a pint a day”.

And it’s been appropriate fine, at least in terms of the soda you drink when no one sees, does not apply. I took the liberty to change llitt the question “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, make it as sound?”

Hello dear reader. Did you think I had forgotten you? Had had a list of the 100 worst blogging, I would probably have had a solid first place. It’s not that I do not have anything to write about, but I have a kind of a deal with myself not to blog when I’m not in a good mood. Although the blog is based on real emotions and true stories from the lies in my life, it’s not everything that is so cool to read. For when I am depressed, I think to juggle five chainsaws inside a dark room is four times as fun as listening to what I have to say.

so what has happened since last time? If we drop the negative, I have been to the Metallica concert in Oslo together with some great girls, I’ve been to a festival called Lyngen Rock & Shrimp, although not entirely settled with me, because I did not manage more than pill four shrimp during a whole evening. Besides, I can not eat them when I have to pill themselves. They look so nasty out, plus they are swimming in a nefarious way. The jade together, so they are reaching, as the jade, so they are reaching. Double-ugh!

With great hair, comes great responsibility .. Kuringen, proper shampoo / Conditioner, brushes, sprays, indeed whole lot, there are things I totally do not care in. And then would hÃ¥rgudene punish me, so I was kissing an emo boy last week I got to say the least little bit too close to a fire full of gasoline, and heard ” WOFH! ” around me. I tried to run backwards, but the flames were everywhere, and all I thought was “Oh my God I now burn your eyebrows off”. Talk about vain!

It smelled like burnt everywhere, and much of the great extensions had gone up in smoke, along with a lot of facial hair. I saw afterwards that I had no nose hair before far up nose and it was kissing the emo boy and was a bit special. The eyebrows got some rough treatment, and half of the eyelashes are gone. So I feel so fucking amazing at the moment. In addition to that I have started on the mini pill and looks like a pimple-my-test-blasting field in the face.

How do I feel that I look out at the moment. I have used my amazing skills in the paint to edit the image. Photoshop … my emo boy kiss ass ..

I feel too, a little old avogtil, and the other day I was asked about the emo boy and about the leg when I bought the smoke. I smiled the smug smile I always get into these situations, and give her my credit card. Then she says “Well now, you were well pleased!” And then I wanted to pursue her home after work and beat her face with a half-dead sea cucumber until she had cried and screamed how young I am in the big picture. Compared to for example the universe we live in, a fossil, or the globe. I am young, and when I steal leg’en for my sister so I was kissing an emo boy I’m not older than 23! HAH! or 22? 22-23, perfect!

But now I have drunk tea, and as a nervous wreck almost impossible to cut out smoking, even if we resort to snuff, I will now go to take me a cigarette, while I think of how nice I look inside.

The last time I have gone up a few pounds due to pure narcotic cabinet. Body weight makes me often frantic and smådeppa. I will be very thin and muscular, very fast. I am a person who believes that it is possible to take 50 sit-ups the day before I want your abs to do, and I think that dieting is to ignore the hunger for half an hour longer than usual. Unfortunately, this is not particularly close to reality.

So how can you get in shape really fast? The most effective methods leads unfortunately with it more problems than benefits. To be thin and muscular, I could slow with lots of amphetamines and a bunch of steroids, but I think the result would have been pretty awful. It is not quite the look I go for.